Parish Library

The Church offers a vibrant library of materials including books, audio and video tapes. It is located in the entrance vestibule nearest the Rectory and you are encouraged to browse and borrow any material you find helpful.

The Parish Library has an excellent selection of books, contemporary and classic. You can crack open your bible using a Collegeville Bible Study Guide or just relax with an easy-reading, uplifting novel by Joseph Girzone. Our music cassettes can enhance your prayertime or add a little peace to your hectic day. The educational cassettes cover a wide spectrum of topics. The video cassettes are both instructive and spiritually enriching. A large number of videos are specifically for children. We hope you will make use of the library and enjoy it. The library is “self-serve” and instructions are posted.

Library Procedures

To find an item, check the card catalogue drawers. One is by TITLE, the other by AUTHOR, alphabetically. When you find the listing for the item, the card will direct you to the proper section by its CLASSIFICATION CODE (found on the upper left comer of each card). This code will also be found on the spine of each item. It consists of the abbreviation of the section in which the item can be found and the initial of the author’s last name.

For example, if you are looking for a book titled, Catholic and Christian, and do not know the author’s name or classification section, you would search the TITLE catalogue card drawer alphabetically. When you find the title card, it will tell you the author’s name (Schreck, Alan) and the classification code A/S. The top letter of the code shows that the book can be found in the Apologetics Section (A). The bottom letter is the initial of the author’s last name (S).

Classification Sections

Code Topic
A Apologetics
B Biography
BVM Blessed Virgin Mary
CAT Catechetics
CL Christian Living
C Church
CD Church Doctrine
CH Church History
CT Cassette Tape
E Education
HM Healing Ministry
L Liturgy
MAR Marriage
M Morals
N Novels 
P Prayer
R Reference
SAC Sacraments
ST Saints
S Scripture
SJ Social Justice
SR Spiritual Reading
VC Video Cassettes
VCc Video Cassettes CHILDREN

Check-out Procedures

To check out material, simply remove the book or tape card from its pocket. On this card, in the first available space, write your name, phone number and the date on which you are borrowing the material. Place the card in the card box numerically in the proper section (books, tapes, videos).

Return of Materials

When you return the material, just place it in the BOOK RETURN CART. The cards will be replaced by a Library Aide. Please do not replace the material on the shelves. Borrowed items should be returned in two weeks unless otherwise marked.

If you are unable to find an item, just leave a note with your name and phone number in the book return cart and someone will contact you.

Another area for reading enjoyment and spiritual growth is periodicals. The three magazine display racks in the rear of the Church are stocked with up-to-date, pre-priced periodicals. The racks are “self-serve” and a payment box is above each rack. At present, we stock:

  • God’s Word Today
  • The Word Among Us
  • The Pope Speaks
  • Catholic Digest
  • Religion Teachers’ Journal
  • Parish Life
  • Praying
  • New Covenant
  • Our Daily Visitor
  • Sunday Visitor (weekly newspaper)
  • Sojourners
  • U. S. Catholic
  • The Catholic Answer