Schedule a Baptism


Parents and Guardians:

Thank you very much for taking this incredibly important step in the life of your child! To schedule a date for a Baptism, please complete the following FORM ONLINE .  Our office will then contact you to arrange a meeting with one of our Baptism mentors, who are parents currently raising children in the faith and who will share some of their personal advice and experience regarding faith formation.

Baptism Dates - Baptisms are usually scheduled for twice a month on Sunday at 1:30pm in the Sanctuary.

Mentoring meeting must be completed before date can be scheduled.  Please call the Parish Office for details, (717) 774-5918.

Godparents (Sponsors):

 A godparent is called to provide good, Christian example to the child who is to be baptized, encouraging and supporting him or her on his or her faith journey. With this in mind, if you wish to serve as a godparent, you must fulfill the following criteria:

  1. Asked by the parents or guardians to be a godparent

  2. Fully initiated into the faith (via Baptism, First Holy Communion, and Confirmation)

  3. Sixteen years of age or older

  4. Active in the faith

    1. Attending Mass each weekend

    2. Frequent reception of the Holy Eucharist

    3. Regular celebration of the Sacrament of Confession

    4. Active participation in the life of your parish

    5. Works of charity and prayer in accord with your station in life

  5. If married: united by Holy Matrimony according to the laws of Christ and His Church ( also known as having valid/sacramental marriage)

    1. If there is any doubt or concern, please contact one of our priests as soon as possible to have a confidential discussion.

  6. Obtain a signed letter from the parish where you are actively registered and deliver this to our parish office at least two weeks prior to the Baptism

    1. If you are an active member of Saint Theresa Parish, meaning you are registered in our parish and attending weekly Mass, please call our parish office (717) 774-5918 or stop by during our normal business hours to receive this letter.

Suggestions for Godparents (Sponsors)

  • Send a card to, call, or personally visit your godchild on his/her day of Baptism

  • Be open to listening to and sharing in their struggles and triumphs

  • Continue to be well-informed regarding Catholic doctrine and values

  • Attend his or her First Communion and Confirmation (if at all possible)





Baptism Information

1. Baptism takes place after the 12:00PM Litrugy, at approximately 1:30 PM. 

2. Sponsors must  letters of approval from their proper pastor to serve as sponsors for Baptism. They must be:

  • a male and female practicing Catholic (at least one is required for baptism)
  • must attend Mass weekly and receive Holy Communion on a regular basis
  • if married, married according to the laws of the Catholic Church
  • have received Baptism; Eucharist and Confirmation
  • minimum age of 16

One of the sponsors may be a baptized person who belong to another Christan tradition ( who was never a Catholic before) and who is practicing together with one Catholic sponsor. The Christian witness should also have a letter of approval from their proper pastor. 

3. After  the birth of your child and the mentoring process has been completed with any necessary information submitted including sponsor certificates- -please call the parish office (717-774-5918) to schedule your child's baptism from the available dates given by the office. If you have already given birth and the Mentor visit is the last thing to be completed in the process, allow one week to pass before you call the parish office so that the mentor couples may be able to submit their report.

4. Other family members and friends are encouraged to attend. The mother or father will hold the baby during the ceremony. Someone, other than yourself or the sponsors, may take photographs and videos during the ceremony.

5. It is always a good idea to see that the baby has been fed before the baptism.

6. Each child is given a white robe symbolizing being clothed in Christ, a baptismal candle symbolizing the light of Christ being the child's light thoroughout life and a baptismal certificate.

7. If you have been negligent in the practice of your faith, this is the opportunity to begin anew. The baptismal ceremony reminds you of your dute to give good example to your children.

8. It is customary, but not necessary, that a donation be given to the church.

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